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JPEG (or JPG) is a common file format for digital photos, supported by almost all graphic viewing and editing applications.
Generally used for creating icon pixmaps, XPM is an image format that supports transparent pixels.

This set contains apps that let you convert XPM images to JPEG.

XPM to JPEG Converter download selection by Bill White. March 14, 2017

  1. AutoImager
    AutoImager Download
    Most popular in XPM to JPEG Converter
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    (3 votes)

    AutoImager is a batch image file converter and editor.

    ...that enables you to convert images from one format ...and batch edit or convert them. You can also...

  2. Blaze MediaConvert
    Blaze MediaConvert Download
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    (5 votes)

    Blaze MediaConvert allows you to convert between various multimedia formats.

    ...easy to use multimedia converter that provides you with ...therefore, you can convert as many files as...

  3. Picture Viewer Max
    Picture Viewer Max Download
    Editor rating:

    Picture Viewer Max is a picture viewer and editor for Windows.

    ...program also allows you to convert your images to multiple formats...

  4. ABB Image Icon Converter
    ABB Image Icon Converter Download
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    (1 votes)

    ABB Image Icon Converter allows you to convert images to icon files (.ico).

    ...among others). Besides converting images to icon ...a selected icon, and convert it to a new icon...

  5. Batch Image Converter

    Convert multiple images between 30+ formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, JP2, RAW.

    Convert ...LBM, MNG, XBM, XPM, PCD, PCX, PIC ...file size. Supports lossless JPEG rotations / crops...

  6. ImageBlocks

    ImageBlocks makes it easy for you to convert from PNG, BMP,JPG, ICO Windows only.

    ...convert from PNG, BMP, JPG, ICO (Windows only), XPM ...file you wish to convert. You can conveniently...

  7. jalada Best Image Converter
    jalada Best Image Converter Download
    User rating:
    (1 votes)

    The most comprehensive tool for converting nearly any picture format to others.

    ...Best Image Converter convert RAW image ...JNG, JP2, JPC, JPEG, JPG, K25, KDC ...XBM, XCF, XPM, XV

  8. GFX Alchemy

    Complete, all-in-one image editor, converter, and more for 140+ image formats!


    Latest Comments:

    Guest Have a look at Konvertor FM.

  9. Ameri-Imager

    Complete, all-in-one image editor for all popular audio and video formats!

    ...SGI, TGA, TIFF, XBM, XPM, XWD, WBMP, WFX, WMF ...It will also convert video and animations (MPEG...

  10. VaryView
    VaryView Download
    Most downloaded in XPM to JPEG Converter

    Image viewer & converter for vector & raster graphic files.

    ...handy image viewer / converter for picture, photo ...JFF JIF JPEG JPG JTF ...WPG XBM XPM XWD file...

    Latest Comments:

    Guest Not actually free software, this is in fact a 30 day free trial, which then requires purchasing.

  11. Ivan Image Converter
    Ivan Image Converter Download
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    (1 votes)

    This software lets you convert and edit image files in many formats.

    ...GIF, GIFF, JPEG, JPG, JPE ...PSD, EMF, XPM, FITS, PICT ...batch-processing (converting several files at...

  12. SuperIcon
    SuperIcon Download

    A professional and powerful icon conversion and management tool. Create icons from images...

    ...TIF, WMF, APM, XBM, XPM format files 3) Extract icon ...web page will be converted to icons 4) Create...

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